Il Fenicotteri

Two pink flaningos made of vacuum cleaners
Three pink flamingos made of vacuum cleaners
One pink flamingo made os a vacuum cleaner
Study Flamingo vacuum cleaner
Spray painting vacuum cleaners white
Spray painting vacuum cleaners pink
creating flamingo legs form wood and metal piping



Turning vacuum cleaners into flamingos for the kickoff event of WIJ Amsterdam at CBK during Museum N8 2014. The theme of the evening was the Italian movie ‘La Grande Bellezza’.

This project was based on a scene at the end of the movie in which a flock of flamingos finds a resting place on the balcony of the movie’s antagonist. The scene is a moment of catharsis and reflection.

Not only do the vacuum cleaners symbolise the purification in the scene, the resemblance of their shape with the anatomical features of flamingos is uncanny.


Props to the paint team: Max, Dennis, Francis, Yolanda and Juan. And props to Prop designer Jolanda!