Package of surimi sticks with close ip

1. Succulent Surimi with a coriander kiss

This serving suggestion takes surimi to the next level with it’s bold use of contrast in color and flavours as well as the playful unexpected presentation. I have always loved surimi and now I love it even more!



Vegetarian  |  serves 1-2 persons  |  cooking time: 15 - 40 min






  • A package of surimi sticks
  • A hand full of coriander leaves
  • One glass of white wine 


First thing you’ll notice when opening the package is that the surimi sticks are little square shaped beams. So you’ll need to make them nice and round like the serving suggestion on the package suggests. This can be a bit difficult because surimi is a very delicate product and easy to break or tear. But here’s a little trick I learned over the past few years perfecting this serving suggestion recipe. It requires some patience and finesse.

Take one stick and make it wet under cold running tap water. Now take both ends between your thumbs, index and middle finger like you would when rolling a cigarette. Squeeze ever so gently on the corner edges of the stick whilst rolling it back and forward. Do this for about 10 times. You’ll notice that a surimi stick is actually a rolled up thin sheet and that it will come a part. Now unroll the stick and lay down the sheet with the inside up in one hand. Gently rub the sheet with your other hand getting most of the creases out of the sheet. Now rol the sheet back up as tight and round as you can. (Be careful not to damage the beautiful red lice extract colouring.) Do this with five sticks until satisfied or deeply annoyed.


Now it’s time to drink that glass of white wine and unwind a bit after the painstaking job of rolling perfectly round surimi spliffs. If your glass is near empty you can pour yourself another one and  start with the coriander. Wash the coriander and find the two smallest leafs of the bunch. One slightly bigger than the other. Don’t chop them off, just gently tear the two leafs from it’s stem.


Take a white plate and arrange the 5 sticks according to the serving suggestion, top them of with the two leafs and presto! Your delicious surimi dish is served. Perfect as a hangover snack for just yourself or even better when shared with a friend. Mi rimi es su rimi!